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When it comes to adaptability, nothing beats a modular display.

Do you find yourself struggling to find an exhibit that can keep up with your ever changing needs from show to show?

Maybe you do four exhibits in a month—all with different layouts.

You’ve got a 10×10 booth at your first event, a 10×20 at another, and so on and so forth. Your standard displays can’t keep up with your needs, and you find yourself overcrowded at one show and full of empty space at the next.

If these struggles are YOUR struggles, then a modular display from Coastal Creative is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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Think of modular displays as the erector sets of the trade show industry.

With customizable pieces that can be used, resized, or left out as needed, a modular display lets you build exactly what you want from show to show. The exact pieces in your modular display kit will vary based on your vision, but some typical parts include kiosks, islands, counters, and back walls.

Channel your inner maker and put our durable, high quality equipment to work building an exhibit that fits your space and wows onlookers.

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Because modular displays are built in pieces, they are specifically meant to scale up or down in size as you need them.

For example, your modular kit may include everything you need for a 20×20 space: a large island, multiple kiosks, a video display, dual seating areas, and more. But when you’re stuck in a 10×10 postage stamp, you can easily ditch the island and seating but still be left with an eye-catching setup built of pieces that match well and flow smoothly together.

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While you could try to piecemeal together a customizable solution by purchasing separate pieces a la carte, our modular displays are designed from the ground up to get the job done right.

Our expert designers will help you choose exactly the pieces you need for your modular kit. We’ll ask questions about the types of exhibits you run, the venues, your brand, and your message. From there, we’ll help you find the modular display solutions that fit your budget.

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Remember that not everyone needs a modular display.

If you only hold a few shows a year, in the same venue time after time, you could easily get away with a custom display designed specifically for that exhibit.

But if you need a scalable solution that’s easy to set up and take down as it resizes to fit your space, you need to go modular with Coastal Creative.

Our innovative designs are built with care to make your brand pop, and they offer the ultimate adaptability for any venue, any size, any time.

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Modular Display Questions and Answers

Your top questions about these displays

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With proper care and storage, most these displays can last for 10-20 years for an indoor display and an average of 5-10 years for outdoor signage and displays. The lifespan varies, depending on the display material and build. Reach out to us and we’d be happy to give you a lifespan estimate and details!



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