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Custom Foam Board Printing Details

We are foam board printing machines – literally.Any graphic, image, or typographic design you have can be digitally printed onto a fresh foam board and shipped to your door.

  • Custom order to any size up to 4’ x 8’
  • Print any photo or graphic on foam core board
  • Foam board printing allows a balance of customization, price savings, and durability
  • Great material for temporary use
  • Lightweight, inexpensive, and very portable

Foam board signs are ideal for presentations, lectures, trade shows, and a variety of retail uses.

Have a new trade show coming up where you’re looking to knock their socks off? Check.

Just need a few boards to show your attendees the way to your event? Perfect for that too.

Foam core is available in 3/16″ and 1/2″ thicknesses and can be custom cut to any size and can be printed on one or two sides. With our high quality printing machines, our foam board printing process is streamlined and customizable for all clients. Foam core boards are fragile so we take extra care to package your order for shipping.

Wall mounting and free standing options are also available for ease of interchange during presentations. Call our staff today at 858-866-6560 to get your custom quote started!

Foam Core Printing Options
Double Sided Foam Core Printing
When you order a foam board print from us, you can choose single sided printing or double sided foam core printing for an additional 55% markup. This can be extremely useful when you want to have a double sided foam board print that is seen from both directions or is hanging from the ceiling. Another use of double sided foam core would be when you want to use this in a presentation and can flip the board around to use as a visual aid for other topics. When you use double sided printing you can save yourself the cost of purchasing a second foam core board.Foam Core Print Lamination
Want to extend the life and quality of your foam core board even more? Consider lamination on your print. This will increase the life expectancy of the board as well as add a higher quality look to the board. Matte lamination adds a 25% markup to the final cost, but if the longevity of your foam board print is of primary importance to you, we highly recommend making the investment.Heavy Duty Foam Core Material
Instead of the standard 3/16” foam core board material, you can upgrade to a 1/2” foam core board for an additional 50% of the base price.  It’s very important to note that this markup is calculated on the base cost of the board, before the double sided printing and matte lamination is calculated – which saves you money.  This extra 5/16s of an inch go a long, long way. The heavy duty foam core makes the board more durable, longer lasting, and less prone to bending and creasing than its thinner counterpart.

Foam Board vs Other Sign Materials

Confused by similar sounding products, and don’t know which to use? Have no fear! We’ve put together this handy table which shows common sign materials compared, with links to our other product pages you can check them out!

 Name   Cost   Weight   Durability   Exterior   Finish   Outdoor Use? 
 Gator Board   $$  Very Light  ***  Wood Veneer  Glossy  No
 Foam Board  $  Ultra Light  **  Paper  Matte  No
 Ultra Board  $$  Very Light  ***  Plastic  Glossy  No
 Sintra Board  $$  Light  *****  PVC  Low Gloss  Yes
 Coroplast  $  Ultra Light  ****  Plastic Sheeting  Low Gloss Yes
 Dibond   $$$  Light  *****  Aluminum Sheeting  Metallic  Yes

Ways to Use Custom Foam Board Signs

Retail & Menu Signage
Do you run a retail store or restaurant that would benefit from custom printed foam board signs? If your specials, menus, or promos are constantly changing, foam board is the perfect solution. They will look sleek and professional will only start to wear out just in time to be swapped out for the next season.

Aisle Markers
Colorful foam board prints will look great hanging from the ceiling of your business. Afraid that your ceiling isn’t strong enough to support a series of signs? Not to worry, foam board is an incredibly light weight material, especially considering how sturdy it is. Even a drop ceiling could support dozens of foam core signs without any strain.

Foam Board Mural
If it’s not yet in your budget to get a painted or acrylic wall mural, foam boards can do the trick! Lightweight and easy to mount, you can add some color to the blank walls of your home and office space. Since they can be printed to so many different dimensions, foam board prints can be pieced together to cover just about any space, no matter the size or shape.

Foam board can be easily broken down after use to fit in your recycling bin. But if you are crafty, foam board is an incredibly versatile material that’s worth holding on to. Saving a few pieces of used foam board will surely come in handy the next time you are embarking on a home improvement project. Since you can cut it to virtually any size or shape, you will certainly find a variety of upcycling uses for your sign’s leftovers.

So Much More!
Read our blog post featuring lots of fun ways to use foam board prints in the office and beyond. For a more long-lasting decorative display check out our acrylic prints options.

Printing On Foam Board: How We Do It

We use our high quality printing machines to take your artwork or design and directly print it onto a foam board size of your choosing. When printing on foam board, some things to take into consideration are whether the board is a custom cut size, an irregular size, or just a standard foam board size. We are happy to cut your foam core to a custom shape. We print on foam board all day long, so we’re experts at this. If you need some help envisioning the final product, we’re happy to help guide you. We’ll ensure that your design has the proper bleed, size, and coloring so that it will be eye-catching and cut just as you like it!

Foam Core & Foam Board Poster Printing

Foam board prints can be printed at large enough sizes to be posters. They are perfect for printing movie posters or album covers, to be displayed in store or at an event like a festival, screening, or autograph signing. You don’t have to make any special selections to get a poster sized foam board print, just select the desired dimensions as you normally would.

Foam board prints can be printed at large enough sizes to be posters. You don’t have to make any special selections to get a poster sized foam board print, just select the size you need and you’re good to go. Poster sized printing allows you to make a bigger impact and be seen from a farther distance. If you’re not sure which size is ideal for your event give us a call or drop us a line and we’ll offer a free consultation.

Design Services for Foam Board Printing

We have a team of in-house graphic designers that can help you craft the perfect design for your organization. We’ll work with you and your colors, theme, and imagery to ensure the design is on-brand and meets the project goals. We have affordable rates for the design. Contact us or give us a call to discuss your ideas. See our recent post on 22 Foam Core Printing Ideas to get the juices flowing.

Other Notes
There are several different spellings of foam core – sometimes it’s spelled “foamcore” or “foamboard”. Any way you’d like to say or spell it, it’s all the same to us – foamcore signs, foamcore board, it’s all good! We’ll know what you are referring to.

Life Span

Life span of your sign ultimately depends on how the foam core board is handled. Foam core is easily dented and damaged, so if you have plans to handle or transport it often, it is best suited for short-term use. We recommend gator board for long term applications where the media may travel from one event to the next. Acrylic prints are another long-lasting option for photo displays.  However, displayed somewhere out of reach where it won’t be touched often, foam board can last years. For an example of such a display, see how a bookstore client of ours (pictured in the above gallery) hangs foam board prints from the ceiling as aisle signs.

Local Delivery Areas Serviced

We will happily deliver your completed custom foam board order to anywhere in San Diego or North Orange County. Let us know if you need assistance mounting your foam core onto a wall!

Nationwide Shipping

Once you complete your foam board printing project, we’ll ship it to you anywhere within the United States. Depending on your order size we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

Foam Core Prints Questions and Answers

  • What are the design options for foam board printing?

    We have many design options for full customization of your foam board print. You can use our design tool, upload your own design, or work with our design team to customize your project in a number of ways. We offer custom cut for any shape, two-sided prints, and lamination options as well. We are happy to color match as well! See our recent post on 22 Foam Core Printing Ideas to get the juices flowing.
  • My design is really detailed and contains a number of colors. Will this increase my cost?

    No, we print all of our signs in full color and the number of colors in your design will not affect the cost or increase the cost. Sign costs are influenced by thickness, size, quantity, and additional features like lamination or custom cut.
  • Will the printed part of my foam board peel away?

    No, the surface of your foam board should not peel away, even if it is scratched or bent.
  • Can I print on both sides of the foam board?

    Yes, you can select double-sided if you would like to print on both sides of your foam board. You can also print two different designs, one unique design on each side. Feel free to contact us to ensure your print turns out exactly right!
  • Can I write on foam board prints?

    The surface of the foam board is able to be written on with either pencil, pen, or marker. However, you will not be able to wipe it off or erase the marks you make. Also, be aware that pressing down too hard with your writing utensil might cause a slight indent. If you are interested in designing a foam board to be written on, we advise using permanent markers for the best results.
  • How do I store my foam board sign(s)?

    Careful storage is crucial to the life and appearance of your foam board:
    • Store your foam board in a cool and dry place
    • Do not set anything heavy on your board
    • Do not store in a place that may experience extreme temperatures
    • Be sure foam board is stored in a way that does not cause creases or bends

2 reviews for Foam Board Printing

  1. Bill

    It’s tough to find a good reliable expert that not only can do the printing, but helps with the design and creative. We worked with Mark to get a unique design created for our company and were very happy with the service and price! Will definitely use agin.

  2. Glenn Ono – OSA

    We recently exhibited at the San Diego Convention Center–the conference began on Sunday. On Friday morning, we realized that a signage shipment had been diverted and wouldn’t arrive when needed. I called Coastal Creative at 10:00 a.m., Friday, and asked if they could print eight (8) 22 x 28 signs mounted on 6 mm sintra backing. Stacey, the account executive, worked magic with the production team to get this completed that same day–including courier delivery to my hotel. You’d never know that this was a rush job–the project was beautifully printed and mounted. Even the packaging for delivery was carefully done. I can’t say enough about the quality of the work, the efficiency and courtesy of service and how they basically resolved a potential disaster. Thank you for your work!

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