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Top Features of Concrete Graphics

Didn’t you know? The average pedestrian isn’t looking up at your signs. They are looking down at their phones! Put a visually stunning and informative floor decal right in their line of vision. Our concrete stickers are a durable and effective marketing tool for modern businesses looking to appeal to modern customers.

  • 3M textured surface film
  • Designed to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Can be applied to most any smooth or textured surface, including pebbled concrete
  • Laminated with a non-skid surface with no added danger of slipping
  • Catch your customers’ attention where they are looking – down at their phones!
  • Cut to any shape and size, printed in any colors
  • We offer volume discounts

Why not catch your clients’ and potential clients’ attention in all directions? Check out our custom vinyl wall decals for more attention-grabbing options.

Ways to Use Garage Floor Decals

These concrete graphics are perfect as garage floor decals. Use them in your shop or warehouse to improve efficiency and accuracy around the production environment. Use the garage floor graphics to show employees and workers where to place items in the warehouse and reduce mistakes. The concrete floor decals can also be used in showrooms to point the customer to certain products you want to showcase. Since so many offices and retail buildings are now embracing an industrial aesthetic with concrete floors, our concrete stickers can be used by any number of businesses. Highlight the special features of your products easily and efficiently without obstructing foot traffic. Create a series of footprint stickers to lead customers where you want them to go. While these concrete floor decals are long-lasting, they are also removable for multiple and short term uses.

For other floor graphic options check out our custom floor decals. If you’re looking for another noticeable way to proudly display your brand, why not try wall decals?

Life Span of Concrete Stickers

This product is backed with a 12 month manufacturing warranty against fading and peeling. The lifespan of your concrete graphics depends largely on the amount of foot traffic they receive. Exposure to the elements is another factor that can influence the staying power of your garage floor decals. And while concrete stickers can be applied rough and smooth surfaces alike, they do tend to last longer on smoother surfaces. On the bright side, the faster your floor sticker gets worn out, the better it is working!

Caring for Concrete Graphics

Proper care for your floor graphics will keep them looking their best and can help to extend their lifespan. First of all, concrete stickers should always be applied to a clean, dry surface for maximum adhesiveness. If your floors are routinely waxed and buffed, doing this over the sticker immediately after application will provide an extra protective layer. Garage floor decals can be washed as if they were any other part of the floor, provided you do not use any heavy machinery or equipment. Should your concrete sticker begin to lift at any time, we advise removing it from the floor entirely to ensure that no one trips over it.

Local Delivery and Installation

We are happy to deliver and install our custom concrete stickers anywhere in San Diego and North Orange County.

Nationwide Shipping

Once we’ve completed your custom window etching decals, we’ll ship them to you anywhere within the United States. We always pay careful attention to appropriate packaging to ensure that your project arrives safely and as quickly as possible. Depending on the size and timeline of your order, we may offer free or expedited shipping. Please contact us using the form to get the exact details, and we’ll ensure your experience is amazing!

Concrete Graphics Questions and Answers

  • Does installation require any special tools or additional help?

    It is not necessary to obtain any special tools in order to install your floor decal for concrete. A rubber hand roller or J-Roller may make the process easier but it is not necessary. Rubber rollers simply ensure a more uniform application against the underlying surface, especially when working with rough or uneven ground. Generally, graphics are easy to install with just one person. However, if your graphic is very large, you may need assistance with installation.
  • Are there any climates or temperatures I can’t use my decal in?

    ​Floor decals for concrete can be used in temperatures ranging from -40 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit and are perfect for using both indoors and outdoors. They are also designed to be slip-resistant and safe in both dry or wet conditions. It is important to note that they are engineered for horizontal placement and not intended to be placed on an inclined surface. Of course, extreme weather conditions will have an impact on the decal just as they have an impact on other signs or structures located outside.
  • Are your street and sidewalk decals safe to use in wet weather?

    ​Yes! As long as the floor decals are placed on a flat, horizontal surface, they are guaranteed to be safe to use in dry or wet conditions. They are not rated to be used on ramps or included surfaces.
  • Can the graphics be used on uneven or rough surfaces?

    ​Whether a rough or smooth surface, these floor decals for concrete are fit for more than just concrete. They are designed specifically with uneven surfaces in mind. As long as you follow installation guidelines, they can be placed on any horizontal surface including brick, asphalt, tile, stucco, cinderblock, terrazzo, metal, vinyl and glass. Make sure that you do not use your floor decal on any surface that has been previously painted or sealed. Proper application of your decal should give it the appearance of having been painted onto the underlying surface regardless of how uneven it is.
  • Are my floor decals for concrete reusable?

    No. These decals are incredibly adhesive and designed to be placed on a surface for one single-use to ensure they are fixed safely and securely for maximum effect.
  • How do I remove the floor decal from concrete or from other floor surfaces?

    To remove the decal, simply peel back one of the corners and pull at a 45-degree angle. The entire graphic should come off in one piece. No special tools are necessary, although you may use a squeegee or flat object to help encourage the decal to lift away from the ground surface.
  • Will the underlying surface be ruined when I remove the floor decal or will there be a residue?

    Following the installation instructions will ensure that your underlying surface will be good as new when you remove the floor decal for concrete. We do not recommend using floor decals on polished or painted surfaces. If you place the floor decal on this type of surface, a residue may remain or your underlying surface may be damaged.
  • How can floor decals for concrete be used for social distancing?

    Floor decals are one of the best methods to encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic with a kind and helpful, non-invasive reminder. You can space them out, they work on a wide variety of surfaces and can withstand heavy foot traffic. They are perfect for use in grocery stores, restaurants, service shops, and more.

7 reviews for Concrete Graphics

  1. Joseph Robison

    These have always been very well done, reliable, and on time. Love working with Mark and the team at Coastal Creative.

  2. Ryan Berg

    Awesome experiences. The owner Mark has always been attentive and made sure my stuff was done in a timely manner. I Have had multiple things done by coastal creative and the products have always been perfect and done with quality and care. Would definitely recommend them in anything you need done print wise. Cant say enough good things about them, awesome company and they support LE!!!!

  3. Heather Martin, 18 Doors

    So thrilled with Coastal Creative! They created this awesome die cut vinyl logo for 18Doors new office space. It changed the entire look and feel of the office. Mark, Amanda and Beau were amazing to work with and they turned the project around quickly and professionally. Highly recommend them for any commercial printing needs.

  4. Marina S

    Great vinyl installation! Totally transformed the space! Honest up-front quote, at fraction of wallpaper cost. Fantastic team to schedule and work with. Highly recommend to anyone looking to add a feature wall.

  5. Matthew Turner, Mammoth Resorts

    We’ve done a couple jobs with Coastal. On the last one, we had a scheduled install date during a remodel but plans changed and Coastal was able to accommodate a new, much shorter time frame. Install of a very large interior piece went smoothly and looks great, with great communication the whole time.

    We’ve also done exterior pieces with them, and are very happy with the results.

  6. VTK, Marriott International

    Coastal Creative is an amazing printing company that has the capabilities to create and print whatever your organization needs are. These images represent a 10′ x 40′ wall with marketing collateral about our renovation. A great and cost effective way to hide construction walls while showcasing what’s planned ahead. Great company that can do anything you need for printing and marketing your brand!

  7. Nora Crivello, Westpak

    So impressed with the Coastal Creative team! Mark and his team were flexible, responsive and priced right. Professional and top notch customer service.

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