Feb 24
12 Practical and Inspiring Event Ideas for College Organizations
They may only come for the free food, but they'll stay for the friends and jovial atmosphere. From RA-sponsored freshmen meet-and-greets to events organized by student groups, here are twelve versatile on-campus event ideas that college kids will love:
Feb 10
7 Clever Event Promotion Tactics that Play on Human Psychology 
With a bit of cunning and forethought, you can structure some of the crucial elements of your event marketing to work like Jedi mind tricks. If you're looking for some clever event promotion ideas that will bring some extra oomph to your marketing efforts and draw attendees to your event like moths to a flame, here are some effective ways to use human psychology to your advantage:
Jan 25
Sign Materials 101
The Coastal Creative reprographics experts are here to describe and compare the most common sign materials so that you don’t have to.
Jan 20
How to Design Excellent Trade Show Graphics
You never get a second chance at a first impression. Excellent trade show graphics can help ensure that your brand makes an impact. We walk you through the basics of designing incredible trade show graphics to help your booth become the talk of the exhibition.
Dec 26
Standard Paper Sizes
Paper sizes affect many things. Envelope sizes, binders, printer trays, file cabinets, mail service, frames, documents – just to name a few. Many objects need to be designed with the correct paper dimensions in mind. The standardization of paper sizes simplifies this process. Standard paper sizes differ depending where you live. While most of the world […]
Nov 20
Guide to Business Card Sizes & Standards
Whether you opt for a classic or creative business card format, it's best to know what the standard business card dimensions are. This way, your finished business cards will fit nicely in the hands of your clients, customers, and colleagues.
Oct 23
Guide to Collate Printing and Copies
In document printing, collate printing is a technique in which pages are printed in the same sequence that they will be read and/or bound. Simply put, if you are printing 20 copies of a 100-page document, you have two options: the collate option, and the non-collate option. Collate printing means printing a complete set of pages 1 […]
Sep 26
How To Hang Canvas Art Like an Expert
To frame or not to frame? Too high or not too high? Here's the right way to hang canvas prints, artwork, or photos.
Aug 19
What is Dye Sublimation Printing?
Sublimation printing is one of the most common ways to print images onto synthetic fabrics and materials – and for good reason. Not only does the digital print come out crisp, clear, and colorful, but the image will virtually never fade. Furthermore, sublimation printing is cost-effective for small batches, making it a favorite printing technique for personalized apparel […]
Jun 07
7 Tips for Transforming your Shared Office into a Creative Oasis
If you happen to work in a corporate office, you may not have much freedom to spruce up your office or allotted desk space. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of subtle changes you can make to the surroundings in your office to reap creativity-boosting benefits – and here are a few you should consider.
Apr 17
Inspiration Station: Office Wall Mural Ideas Galore
So, you want to install a wall mural into your office or business? Great idea! Walls are vast canvases onto which infinite creative ideas can play out. Furthermore, an excellent wall mural can truly transform your work space. But what kind of mural would look good in your space? Should the mural be hand-painted or […]
Mar 27
Wall Murals & Decals Made Easy
An empty wall is like a blank canvas – there are limitless possibilities for how to fill it. A wall mural is one such possibility that has a number of unique advantages. Today we’re going to discuss everything there is to know about customized wall murals and decals. We’ll explain how they’re made, what kinds […]
Feb 28
The Guide to Poster Size Standards: Common Poster Sizes and Movie Poster Dimensions
There is no true standard poster size. While many paper producers adhere to international norms to keep printing standardized around the world, poster sizes are not regulated. This lack of standardization can sometimes lead to questions from people looking design and print posters with the correct dimensions. Many people want to know, is there a […]
Jan 22
[Infographic] 8 Elements of Experiential Design that Make a Powerful Impact
  Augmented reality is already here, and you can use it now. Instead of flat, two-dimensional exhibits and installations, experiential graphic design transforms the space surrounding the visitor into something remarkable. Their reality is truly augmented for a sliver of time. What is Experiential Design? Experiential graphic design means creating displays and environments that put […]
Nov 29
What is Foam Core Mounting? How is it Done?
Thinking about mounting photos or posters onto foam core for display? Great idea! Foam board is an attractive, versatile, and inexpensive material for displaying images. The mounting process is also quick and straightforward. Here is everything you need to know about printing and mounting onto foam board for your next project: What is foam core […]
Oct 25
9 Stunning Ideas for Ceiling Murals and Decals
People don’t often pay attention to what’s going on above them. Our line of vision is usually focused directly ahead of us (or looking down at our phones), such that we give little thought to what is above our heads. We even say “that went over my head” to express that we didn’t notice or […]
Aug 25
The 6 Golden Rules of Effective Trade Show Giveaways (Plus 17 Ideas)
As English novelist William Morris once wisely wrote: Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. This is a valuable piece of advice for anyone, and yet it can be so easy to lose sight of. Especially after returning home from a trade show with […]
May 24
9 Accent Wall Ideas for Your Office or Business
Accent walls, also known as feature walls, are all the rage in home and office design. And the hype is well deserved! Accent walls can serve a myriad of aesthetic and practical functions that can truly transform your space. They can break up a large room, or make a small room feel bigger. An accent […]
May 09
17 Amazing Welcome Home Signs for Military Spouses
For many military spouses and significant others, the day their partner comes home from serving an extended tour in the Marines, Air Force, Navy, or Army is one of the most highly anticipated days of their life. The same goes for the brave men and women who are serving! Because this day is so meaningful, […]
Mar 30
Experts Weigh in on Current Trends in Gym Design

The fitness industry is by no means a one-size-fits-all field. Despite the common mission of health and fitness, gyms and health clubs are endlessly diverse and target a broad range of markets. But regardless of a gym’s clientele, whether they are vegan bodybuilders or senior citizens, there is one thing that appeals to consumers everywhere: great design. We asked experts in gym design and management to share their thoughts on the most effective and exciting design trends in their industry.

Mar 19
Digital Photo Printing Materials 101
Without question, traditional photo printing methods such as darkroom development or lithography carry a distinct, even intangible quality that is inextricable from the craft. But as digital printing rapidly advances, beautiful prints of all styles and sizes become increasingly accessible to photographers with every year. There are many reasons why a photographer may choose to […]
Feb 27
Create a Beautiful Wedding
Boutique festival Secret Garden went down in Sydney’s Camden over the weekend, and all the free-spirited kids came out to play in a mix of creative and outlandish ensembles. Seriously, if you didn’t scream eccentric and quirky, you would’ve felt like the odd one out amongst the aliens, mermaids and glittery hippies dripping in face […]
Feb 06
The Ultimate Guide to Church Signs
What is one of the best ways churches use to make that first connection with a visitor? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not the building or the steeple. It is actually the sign that most churches have out front. The church signs that you normally see outside of churches have been a valuable piece […]
Feb 01
Autumn Leaves Gelli Print Card
I didn’t know that Father Christmas read my blog, but after my last post I had a phone call asking me if I’d like some Distress Markers for Christmas
Feb 01
Spreadsheet Tells You Whether to Print Photos at Home or Order Out
It’s time to take everything you learned in college about economies of scale and apply it to that ink-sucking monster with the lonely USB cable. Is it cheaper to print photo-quality prints at home, or through an online vendor? This spreadsheet knows. It’s a helpful, formula-laden, and free download at the How-To Geek’s own site, […]
Feb 01
Five Best Photo-Printing Sites
Digital cameras are fantastic for letting us experiment, take tons of photos, and search for the perfect shot. Digital picture frames and at-home prints are often poor substitutes for real photos. Get a great print at one of these five photo-printing sites. Once upon a time people took photos and dutifully carted their film down […]
Jan 10
How to Use Great Design to Increase Sales
Great design does a lot more than just look good - it can earn you money! Andrew Gazdecki of BiznessApps.com explains how you put great design to work for your small business.
Nov 22
The Ultimate Guide to Interior Office Signs
Building signage is of course incredibly important in helping customers and clients find you and establishing trust in your business. But once they’ve walked through the door, your office interior can have a huge impact on customers’ perception of the quality of service. Treat your logo right with a sleek and professional lobby or reception […]
Nov 17
Guide to Portable Signs: Signage that Follows the Action
Signs don’t have to be stationary. A portable sign can hugely expand your range of exposure. Easy to set up, break down, and reposition, portable signs are a simple signage solution that can stay up for as long or as short as you’d like. Portable signs come in a variety of forms, each with their […]
Nov 10
All About Coroplast: the Versatility of Corrugated Plastic Board
Corrugated plastic. Cor-plastic. Coroplast. This sign and plastic sheeting material has many names and even more uses. Due to its unique blend of durability and affordability, corrugated plastic board is an incredibly popular choice for short-term signage and containers. If you are considering using corrugated plastic in an upcoming project, here is everything you need […]
Nov 02
The Sign You’ve Been Waiting For: A Guide to Building Signage
In an age of online marketing, where it is possible to quantify every impression and reach audiences around the world, it can be increasingly difficult for businesses to justify spending money on physical building signage. After all, the effects of your business or office signage can’t be measured in exact terms, and a physical sign […]
Oct 27
Window of Opportunity: A Guide to Window Signage
A room without windows is not a room, but a closet. Windows simultaneously protect us from the elements and give us something to look at. They create the illusion of more space. They let in wondrous natural light. Decals and stickers offer you the opportunity to make your windows do even more. In this guide […]
Sep 18
How Your Office Walls Can Make or Break Workplace Productivity
Did you know that wall graphics and murals can affect employee productivity and happiness? Here's why color, images, and branding matter in the office.
Aug 25
Removable Decor for Commercial Spaces (that Won’t Cost You Your Deposit)
There are lots of reasons to eschew permanent decor in your office or retail space, but that doesn’t mean that you have to forgo customization entirely. From removable wall decals to signage that can be packed up and taken to the next location, renters have lots of options in designing a temporary space that can contribute to the success of their brand.
May 10
Why Floor Decals May Be the Smartest Marketing Tactic You Never Thought of
If there is one nation that takes pedestrian safety and traffic laws seriously, it is the Germans. Last month the Bavarian city of Augsburg installed a series of traffic lights into the pavement at several intersections with high foot traffic. Their reasoning? Following the death of a teenager who walked in front of a tram […]
Apr 18
7 Ways to Use Custom Foam Board Signs in the Office and Beyond
Foam board prints are portable, sturdy, and lightweight, making them the perfect material for a wide variety of projects and presentations. Free standing or wall mounted,  matte or laminated, the versatility of foam core allows for a myriad of uses. If your business is in need of some reusable signage for an event, custom foam board […]
Dec 20
7 Considerations of an Effective Trade Show Booth [Infographic]
An effective trade show booth offers an immersive experience for the visitor. Creating such an exceptional brand experience requires careful attention to a number of different considerations: spatial, visual, and organizational, to name a few. But precisely because an effective trade show booth is immersive, it can be exceedingly difficult to plan and execute one through traditional […]
Nov 24
A Brief and Surprisingly Neat History of Oversized Checks
    Surely you are familiar with this image: a crowd gathered round, balloons and streamers in the background, a grinning recipient who grips a giant placard wider than their wingspan, a dollar amount beaming lustrously at the camera.   The Giant Check has become synonymous with prize money and charitable donations, though the signifier […]
Jul 22
The Beginner’s Guide to Experiential Design
Experiential design is a multi-disciplinary approach to creating an interactive environment, product, service, or event. The field involves building a memorable experience associated with a place or product, whether virtual or physical. Drawing from a wide range of expertise, from linguistics to architecture, from storytelling to hazard analytics, experiential design is an innovative way to […]
Jun 21
Using Media Backdrops to Create Excellent Visual Content
This is an exciting age where anybody with a craft and an internet connection can start an online business. Crafters, bloggers, vloggers, salvagers, and endless other creatives take to the web to market their goods and talents. In this sea of options online, it should surprise no one to hear that the key to standing […]
Mar 28
Creative and Functional Ways to Transform Your Workplace with Murals
As printing technology and capabilities continue to advance, wall murals have emerged as an increasingly popular design trend in homes, offices, and public spaces. Because murals are capable of filling most any amount of space, they are a natural choice to decorate large areas that may have otherwise gone unadorned. But beyond simply filling space, […]
Jan 28
Breaking Down the Design Trends 2016 Infographic
In late 2014 we published the Design Trends 2015 infographic, and it received thunderous applause and a standing ovation, even named one of the best infographics of 2015 by Hubspot. For 2016 we continued our research and found our best predictions for 2016 design trends. It’s one of our favorite projects and today we dive […]
Nov 30
6 Expert San Diego Designers Predict 2016 Interior Design Trends
With 2016 just around the corner, we reached out to some of the top interior designers in San Diego to get their take on what we can expect in 2016. While hot trends come and go every year, some designs remain timeless. Our experts have a wide range of experience across the interior design world, each […]
Oct 31
Design Wars: How Tech Giants Have Elevated Design [Plus Infographic]
It used to be the case that Apple ruled the design world. No one could even touch them. It was part of their DNA from the time Steve Jobs took his calligraphy class in college, when he learned the importance of the details. “Because I had dropped out and didn’t have to take the normal classes, […]
Sep 30
The Cutting Edge: Why You Should Choose PVC-Free Wallpaper
Huge wall murals are becoming a staple at offices, hospitals, restaurants, and even homes around the country. Silicon Valley startups and trendy interior design companies have been introducing the public to the amazing presence a wall mural has on the space. But are those wall murals environmentally safe? That’s the problem PVC-Free wall murals are […]
Aug 31
14 Myths About Wall Murals Debunked
A good wall mural is a classic decorative choice for good reason: the right mural can add a whole lot of color to any room or outdoor surface, and can completely change the look and feel of a previously boring and empty wall. But unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about modern […]
Mar 31
22 Foam Core Printing Ideas for Businesses
Signs are everywhere in daily life, and there’s such a huge variety of materials and messages that most people don’t notice. One material that needs almost no introduction is the foam board. Often referred to as ‘foamcore’, ‘foam core’, or a foam core poster board, it is a workhorse for businesses. Many affectionately remember it […]
Feb 28
10 Best Free Stock Photo Search Engines That Will Make Your Life Easier
The beautiful stock photo sites are all the rage right now, and everyone and their mother loves writing roundup posts about them. What we haven’t seen though is on place with the best stock photo search engines and aggregator sites. Here are our favorite sites that bring together the best free stock photos from the […]
Jan 11
Breaking Down the 2015 Design Trends
  We love talking about design trends and what’s coming next. Everything you see around you created by humans involves some type of design planning for it to be created. The world of design as it applies to the web and printing, however, moves faster than any other type of design. We put out the best […]
Jan 09
15 Best Fonts for 2015
Typography has always been hugely important to design. But now, more than ever, we have so many new font choices available that it can become overwhelming. There are so many talented designers out there creating their own fonts, and there is no longer any barrier to entry for posting a new font design online. We’ve […]
Oct 27
17 Beautiful Sites with Amazing Free Stock Photos
Amanda Sandlin If you’re looking for beautiful stock photos, dealing with licenses is just a headache and is often ignored. We’ve combed through an amazing list of free stock photo sites to find the best ones possible. We’ve clearly noted which licenses are required for each site if any. The biggest question I’ve always wondered […]
Sep 29
5 Fun Foam Board Printing Ideas for Events
When it comes to throwing a party for your business, you may rack your brain trying to determine ways to really interest your guests. After all, you want something that will be fun and exciting, but it also shouldn’t be something that is overly expensive and costs a fortune to create. Luckily, one of the […]
Sep 10
Creating Classy Signs: Top 5 Tips for Knockout Color Combos
A picture is worth a thousand words. Effective signage color could make you an extra thousand dollars. So you’ve decided to invest in signs, banners, and wall murals to sell your product. Great choice! In a visual society where images may only get a split-second-glance chance to make a lasting impression, color choices can just […]
Aug 26
7 Tips for Making Retail Signage Amazing
Whether you own your own retail business, or the boss wants you to be head of the sign development and marketing department of the retail store where you currently work, it is important to understand that retail signage is a key component of any marketing strategy that can help a retail store generate major cash […]
Aug 16
5 Out of the Box Trade Show Ideas
When it comes to trade show exhibits, you need to impress your potential customer so they’ll make a purchase as quickly as possible. Great trade show ideas can be hard to follow through with unless you know your goal, your target audience and what they really want. Here are some trade show booth ideas that […]
Aug 05
8 Awesome Dentist and Doctor’s Office Wall Mural Ideas
The idea of making a visit to a dentist or a doctor can induce anxiety in many patients. As a medical professional, you can help take away this anxiety using the environment of your office. One go-to solution is to set up office wall murals or office wall decals to put your patients at ease. […]
Jul 31
How the Top Biotech Companies do Branding Well
Biotech companies are growing at amazing rates throughout the world and are creating amazing new innovations. Right here where our company is based in San Diego, there is a hotbed of biotech companies. Today we’re going to take a look at how these top companies do branding right.   1. Novo Nordisk – Danish Biotech […]
Jul 17
Creative Step and Repeat Backdrops on the Red Carpet
Step and repeat banners, also known as step and repeat backdrops, are those backdrops you see behind the celebrities at red carpet events. Since photographers at these events typically have to photograph many people, backdrops help consolidate all press photography to one place. As many red carpet events focus on fashion, designated areas make it easier […]
Jul 05
What Is Color Management? An Introduction
What is color management? It’s a process of color calibration that occurs between multiple devices. For example, the colors in an iconic movie image should look the same regardless if it’s printed on a movie poster, playing on a plasma television, or streamed online on a computer tablet- all thanks to managing color. Numbers representing […]
Jun 19
Step and Repeat Banners are Everywhere: A Beginner’s Look
You see them all the time whenever you’re gawking at celebrity photos on the red carpet. They’re at events large and small from your local charity fundraiser to the Oscars, but no one really what they are after all – step and repeat banners. We’ll take a look at these from a beginner’s perspective so […]
May 24
5 Versatile Uses for Foam Core Boards from Trade Shows to Restaurants
Do you remember those science fair experiments that we all had to do in school? 1/4 the glass did something with volcanoes, 1/4 did some type of food growing mold experiment, and the rest of the kids did everything else. But 100% of us had to actually write about the experiment – which was the […]
Mar 31
These Trade Show Booth Design Ideas are Sure to Inspire You
When you need a trade show display, you need more than a few moving parts and modular pieces – you need a complete design that will entice customers. It’s tough knowing the best way to set up your exhibit if you don’t do this full time and only go to a few trade shows a […]
Mar 13
How to Prepare for a Trade Show in 5 Steps
Trade shows are usually big expensive shows that start with excitement and end with exhaustion. But we can make the in between segments a little big smoother with careful planning and having a game plan in place. [aesop_image img=”http://www.coastalcreative.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/POP-Display-3.png” caption=”A pop-up trade show display in action.” align=”right” captionposition=”left” lightbox=”on”] Trade shows are the pinnacle of […]