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What is Ultra Board?

Ultra board is a heavy-duty, all-plastic panel that is specially designed to provide long-lasting, durable and vividly printed panels for permanent signage or high-use displays. When looking at all the choices for foam board printing, Ultra boards are the answer when looking for boards of the highest quality. All Ultra Board panels boast high-impact polystyrene surface, which is litho-grade to accommodate both screen printing and digital printing.
The Ultra Board’s signature construction consists of a foam center, which is bonded on both sides to dent-resistant styrene liners. The characteristic design is both water-resistant and warp-proof, making it ideal for long-term or heavy usage. The Ultra Board retains its crisp edges when cut with a circular saw, router, i-cut or scroll saw, and can be hand-cut or die-cut.

Features of Ultra Board

Offering extreme versatility, Ultra Board can be cut with a circular saw, router, i-cut, or scroll saw, or can be hand-cut or die-cut. Ultra Board printing is also highly flexible and easy, as the panels are amenable to screen printing, digital printing, pressure sensitive photo mounting or painting.
Ultra Board is available in a range of thicknesses, from 3/16” to 3”. Both trimmed and untrimmed panels are available, letting you either order a pre-trimmed panel to size or trim down the panel, yourself. Stock colors for Ultra Board panels are black and white, with either option available for both the foam interior and the polystyrene surface. Custom colors are also available.

Best Uses for Ultra Board

Ultra Board is designed for interior use and lends itself especially well for permanent signs and displays. The material can easily be cut to size or ordered in customized sizes. A range of printing options, including screen-printing, digital printing and painting, also make Ultra Board a highly versatile material, beyond the limitations of standard foam board printing.
The ease of cutting Ultra Board makes it a stand-out material for routed lettering, as well as permanent display signage, museum-quality exhibits or photo displays. Ultra Board can also be used for seamless wall murals, with individual panels measuring up to 5’ by 10’.

Ultra Board vs Foam Core

An Ultra Board foam core panel has a distinct construction and applications than typical foam core. Standard foam core consists of an inner layer of foam lined with paper, and is widely known for its use in temporary displays or for homemade signage. Whereas foam core uses a paper-based lining, Ultra Board features durable polystyrene. As a result, signs made with Ultra Board are warp-proof, water resistant and durable enough for long-term use. By contrast, the paper exterior of foam core degrades rapidly when exposed to light, humidity or regular wear.

Lifespan of Ultra Board

Ultra board is designed to stand up to permanent interior display. When used indoors, Ultra Board panels will not resist degradation from sunlight or humidity. In case of contact with water, Ultra Board will also remain intact, with the polystyrene covering protecting the foam interior from any moisture. The .015” litho grade polystyrene facers are bonded to the foam core to avoid warping or denting when used for permanent display, such as a store’s overhead signage.


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