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San Diego Die Cut Vinyl Stickers

  • Long- or short- term use
  • Durable, yet removable
  • Can be cut and trimmed to any shape
  • Printed with fade-resistent UV inks
  • High quality 3M, Arlon, or Oracle vinyl

We print on the highest quality 3M, Arlon or Oracle die cut vinyl materials. With our fade resistant UV inks, you have literally hundreds of different colors to chose from, and designs are limitless. Vinyl is easily cut into any shape, making cut vinyl decals perfect for intricate designs like wall lettering.

Don’t have a design, no problem! One of our graphic designers will be happy to assist in the design of your graphic. Vinyl graphics are great for long term business advertisement as well as short term promotional campaigns. Use them as vinyl wall stickers in your home or business, or pass colorful die cut vinyl stickers out to your customers. Call us today for a free quote, we are eager to help! 858.866.6560

What is Die Cut Vinyl? Why Die Cut Stickers?

Typical printed stickers are an image printed onto a white vinyl material. This means that white is generally the background color, unless the design uses another printed color by design. But with printed stickers, the background of the sticker appears on whatever surface the sticker is applied.

Die cut vinyl stickers, on the other hand, do not include a background area. Die cutting allows for stickers to be directly transferable to their intended surface without a background, bleed, or filler area. Instead, the “background” will be whatever surface onto which the sticker is applied.

One advantage of cut vinyl decals over printed ones is that the design can be much more intricate. Rather than a background, the design can implement lots of negative space. This makes die cut vinyl perfect for wall lettering, patterns that loop and swirl, or artwork in non-standard shapes.

Another advantage of cut vinyl decals is that the application can generally be smoother and more flawless. Because custom die cut vinyl decals do not take up as much surface area as a printed decal, and because they are pressed directly onto a surface rather than peeled beforehand, there is less chance that air bubbles will become trapped under the surface.

For another quality office display check out our dimensional lettering signs.

Life Span & Care

All die cut vinyl stickers from Coastal Creative come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 3 year installation warranty.

With proper application and care, your custom die cut vinyl decals can last much longer. Keep out of direct sunlight and applied to a smooth surface that is not often touched, these die cut stickers will likely outlast their warranty. Vinyl wall stickers or wall lettering is a particularly good use case.

If you’re looking for another quality display that will stand the test of time check out our dimensional lettering signs.

Shipping & Delivery

We will happily deliver custom die cut vinyl decals to all of San Diego and South Orange County. For larger cut vinyl decals, we are available to help with installation.

Customers outside of our region are welcome to order! We ship nationwide. Depending on the size and timeline of your die cut vinyl order, we may offer free or expedited shipping.

Die Cut Vinyl Stickers Q&A

What are the best uses for custom die cut vinyl decals?

Die cut vinyl is ideal for vehicle and wall lettering, as it will not obscure the surface to which it is applied. Other common uses are as decor for the outward facing side of a desk or counter, lap top stickers, or sound gear like amps and speakers.

How do you apply vinyl wall stickers?

After ensuring that the wall surface is clean and dry, die cut vinyl is applied through a transfer tape. A paper backing is peeled off, and the sticker is placed on the surface so that the design is visible through the tape. After rubbing the area of the sticker firmly to ensure that it transfers, the tape can be peeled off and discarded.

I can’t decide between printed and die cut vinyl. Which should I choose?

We recommend die cut vinyl decals if you answer yes to several of these questions: Is the shape of the design intricate, with many loops, holes, and shapes that aren’t basic? Does your design only require a few colors? Is the size of the design larger than a bumper sticker? Will you be applying the sticker to a surface that is uneven? Are you reluctant to cover too much of the surface to which you are applying the sticker?

We recommend printed stickers if you answer yes to several of these questions: Will you be distributing these stickers widely, or will you need to apply many of these stickers in a short time frame? Does your design include many colors, or is the image a photograph? Is the longevity of the sticker not a top priority? Is the shape of the sticker a basic geometrical form like a circle or square? Are you okay with completely obscuring the surface beneath the sticker?


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